Alumni News

Alumni News

Alumni, through their associations and with the School’s active support, contribute to the dynamism of the School by organising a multitude of events that help cement the close-knit spirit that is the trademark of the School. Be it through a seminar on RMB investing, a forum on property development, a career workshop or a simple badminton mixer, alumni remain engaged with the School, fellow alumni and current students in a myriad of ways that contribute to enhancing the educational experience of the School.

  • Taking the giving game to another level – H.W. Chan, co-founder of Dream Impact Hong Kong

    Taking the giving game to another level – H.W. Chan, co-founder of Dream Impact Hong Kong

    Having been in the commercial world as an entrepreneur for over 40 years, many would have retired, or at least, been planning to retire, and try to flip over a new page to enjoy life. However, “Retire is not an option,” said H.W. Chan, an alumna of MSc in Strategic Human Resources Management programme of the HKBU School of Business, who has recently co-founded a co-working space dedicated to social enterprises. For H.W., being an entrepreneur is more than making money, it is about giving back and enabling others to grow and develop sustainably.

    Founder of an award-winning optical company – both in design and corporate social responsibility sectors – in Hong Kong, H.W.’s business philosophy is ‘integrity first’, and she understands well the importance of people management for a sustainable business. That was one of the reasons for her to pursue her postgraduate study in the human resources field at the HKBU School of Business, when she felt the urge to refresh herself with new knowledge and catch up with current trends.

    “There’s no conflict between making profit and being ethical at the same time. Over the past four decades of experience I’ve gained in the business world, I have learnt that we can always strike a balance and achieve a win-win-win situation – the company, our employees and the society are all benefited,” said the seasoned entrepreneur.

    With a long list of experience of partnering with non-governmental organisations (NGOs) – Orbis, YMCA, Caritas, just to name a few, via different formats, be it direct donations, charity sales, sponsorships or voluntary work etc., not only has H.W. been doing this herself, she has also introduced the world of voluntary work to her employees.

    “While we have a set of staff benefits in place to enable our employees to have a work-life balance lifestyle, we also encourage and lead them to contribute back to the society with their own professions,” said H.W., “they actually have gained a higher sense of job satisfaction towards their career, and are even more motivated and willing to excel in their job, because they realise the work they are doing is of actual help to the people in need. This, therefore, makes our business sustainable as well.”

    As a caring leader with aspirations and motivations, H.W. thinks it is about time to push her efforts on corporate-social responsibility to another level this year. She has opened Dream Impact, a co-working space for socially minded entrepreneurs who share the same vision in creating collective social impact through their businesses. Social enterprises are offered with affordable prices for renting the space for different kinds of activities relevant to social causes. It has received enthusiastic interest since the opening.

    “I am a blindly-optimistic person as different test results show,” described H.W., “so I always tend to go for the ideas whenever I feel like it’s the right time and the right thing to do. I am happy that my passion and profession happen to meet at some point where I can contribute to the society and provide aid to people with less resources. It is a blessing to be able to give.”

  • From being a receiver to a giver – Kennie Lo, Managing Partner of SMG Digital

    From being a receiver to a giver – Kennie Lo, Managing Partner of SMG Digital

    Passing on knowledge and opportunities is like an understated tradition of the alumni circles of the HKBU School of Business. Now a managing partner and practitioner in digital marketing, Kennie Lo, a graduate of BBA Marketing of the School of Business, is one of the best representatives to tell a story about his journey.

    Thanks to the active alumni culture and networks of the School of Business, Kennie got referred to different types of opportunities, for example, summer jobs and internships, back in his university days. For marketing students, “actual work experience is crucial to their CV for future career development,” said Kennie.

    It was during the SARS period when Kennie graduated from the university. It was a difficult time for many people, including fresh graduates who were looking for their first graduate job. Kennie was one of the lucky ones that landed a place on the trainee programme at the Hong Kong Tourism Board, which eventually led him to the next job in an event management company where he was exposed to a number of notable events involving big corporations like the Hong Kong Jockey Club, Adidas and Coca-Cola etc. During all these years, Kennie constantly went back to the alma mater as an alumnus to share his experience, support the School’s and University’s initiatives, and even refer career opportunities to his junior fellows whenever available. “I started my career at a rather difficult time, so I understand well how important it is for students to have support from familiar networks, for both personal growth and career prospects.”

    The support and influence from alumni, however, are not limited to students. Kennie was looking for a career change in 2009, when a senior alumnus of the School was looking for a suitable candidate for a marketing communications role at his company, SAMSUNG. With the established network among the School’s alumni, the alumnus found Kennie’s portfolio ideal for the role.

    “This has become a milestone of my career journey full of exciting and fruitful moments. I have gained invaluable experience, knowledge and confidence in these 6 years in SAMSUNG, enabling me to move on to advance my career now to build my own business. In a rather small community like HKBU, the supportive alumni culture is an important factor to empower students, alumni and the University to succeed in different aspects."

  • Alumni run mock interviews for future accountants

    Alumni run mock interviews for future accountants

    As the second part of the “Gateway to Big Four” series organised by the HKBU School of Business Alumni Association (HKBUSBAA), a mock interview session was arranged on 12 November 2017 for students with career aspiration in accounting to learn from alumni from the industry.

    For six consecutive years, HKBUSBAA has organised the “Gateway to Big Four” series for HKBU students who are interested to work in Big Four accounting firms. Following the seminar held in October where over 100 highly motivated students attended, seven alumni spent a Sunday on HKBU campus to pass on their knowledge and experience to their junior fellows and help incubate our future accountants.

  • Alumni offer insider tips to ace Big Four interviews

    Alumni offer insider tips to ace Big Four interviews

    HKBU School of Business Alumni Association (HKBUSBAA) organised the “Gateway to Big Four” seminar, providing students with insider tips from alumni who are current or former employees at the four accounting giants. Ten school alumni from the Big Four accounting firms, namely PricewaterhouseCoopers, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, Ernst & Young, and KPMG, came to share with over 100 highly motivated students on Sunday, 17 September 2017.

    Apart from introducing the hiring process of each firm, alumni shared their first-hand experience from preparing for their job application to landing on their dream career eventually. They also shared how typical day-to-day Big Four life is like, and how they manage to achieve work-life balance in the hectic work life.

    The seminar is part one of the yearly signature event “Gateway to Big Four” series, aiming to introduce the accounting industry to students who aspire to develop their career in the accounting and professional service sector. Part two will be a rigorous mock interview session to be held in October, enabling students to rehearse and experience the tension while receive fruitful comments from alumni for improvement, equipping them with competitive edge during their interviews.

  • 2016-17 HKBUSBAA Simulated Investment Competition

    Winners of HKBUSBAA Simulated Investment Competition well recognised

    The award ceremony of the 2016-17 HKBUSBAA Simulated Investment Competition was held on 21 August 2017. Kong Hoi Ming, William (BBA – Applied Economics, Year 4) and Cheng Kiu Fung, Keith (BBA – Finance, alumnus, 2017), Champion and First Runner-up of the Competition respectively, received their certificates at the Interactive Brokers (IB) office, co-organiser and trading platform provider for the Competition. The winners were recognised for their excellent performance by the officiators, HKBUSBAA Chairman Bernard Wu (right), HKBUSBAA President Mr. Franklin Fong (second from left) and Interactive Brokers’ Managing Director for Asia Pacific, Mr. David Friedland (third from right).