Get involved

The direct involvement of alumni is vital, both to support the development of the School, but also to help students, graduates and fellow alumni in a practical manner.

There are several ways for our alumni to support the School, including, but not limited to:

Speaking Opportunities

We encourage alumni to come to the School and to engage with students, either by offering industry insights and career advice, or by sharing personal experiences and stories. 

Alumni are also invited to act as speakers or panellists in various activities ranging from guest lectures, conferences, student competitions or industry panels.

The School’s objective is to develop a lifelong relationship with its graduates. One important way of achieving this goal is by providing, in addition to a quality business education, the opportunity for students to discuss their individual goals, ambitions or career prospects with an experienced professional that also share the ethos of the University. We believe that this meaningful role can be perfectly filled by our alumni.

The School offers many opportunities for alumni to volunteer for a wide range of activities, ranging from discussing with prospective students at recruitment events to participating in fundraising activities.


Donations are always welcomed. Please refer to Support our School for details.