Career Success Stories

Career Success Stories

Daisy Shang

Class of 2017, BBA in Accounting

I was offered an internship with EY where I handled transfer pricing issues in the International Tax Department. In dealing with financial institutions exclusively, I acquired practical insights into financial industries by scanning through the transaction figures and viewing local tax ruling updates every morning. I also interned at PwC as a trainee in Assurance. There, I worked on the testing and adjustment of financial statements. Attentiveness and assertiveness are essential elements required by companies. It is also good for business students to be keen learners when they enter the job market. View more

Emmy Zhong

Class of 2017, BBA in Accounting

EY is my dream company. I was impressed with its company culture and business during a company visit. Three years later, I went into the very same building, but this time as a summer intern in People Advisory Services department. My major duty was individual tax dealing, which included 6 processes for one tax return. Besides getting familiar with Hong Kong salaries tax calculation and related regulations and standards, I met friends and colleagues from different universities, as well as patient and helpful supervisors who offered me chances to deal with special cases and important engagements. I worked on over 15 engagements during the 6 weeks. EY does not only want “calculators” or “law books”. The accounting industry is a professional service industry. In my opinion, being a successful accountant requires diligence, communication skills, and most importantly, a mind to serve. I suggest that fellow peers who would like to join the accounting industry participate in more school activities in advance such as firm visits, volunteer work, exchange programs, public speaking events, etc.. In accounting, everything counts. View more

Gillian Zhao

Class of 2017, BBA in Accounting

As one of the Big Four accounting firms, Deloitte is undoubtedly the right place for me to broaden my horizon, apply my academic knowledge in the real business world, and build up interpersonal relationships. As a tax intern in Deloitte, my duty covered various aspects from communicating with the Inland Revenue Department to drafting individual tax returns for my clients. Therefore, being careful and professional is required at all times. More importantly, it is essential to always think one step ahead and be ready to go the extra mile. View more

Miriam Fung

Class of 2017, BCom in Accountancy

I worked as a summer intern at Ovolo, which is a stylish boutique hotel located in Hong Kong. I was attracted to this special work environment at Ovolo because there is a unique corporate culture that challenges conventional thinking. During my internship, I was responsible for handling daily accounting work such as bank reconciliation, stock-taking, handling invoices and settling payments. I learnt that patience is the key to becoming successful in the accounting industry especially when we have to deal with a lot of data for long periods of time. Furthermore, I suggest students do more research on the developments of the industry and discover the job requirements and qualities of people that prospective employers look for in order to land their dream jobs. View more

Li Yishen

Class of 2016, MSc in Applied Economics

When I chose to launch my career in CMEC Comtrans International Co., Ltd., I was prepared to embrace the corporate culture of ‘Value Your Trust Globally’ and the business operation as freight forwarders. An incredible amount of preparation is required to become familiar with the corporate environment. As an accountant, being able to work independently and with others in a team is essential. Questions that you need to ask yourself: 1) are you able to effectively carry out the individual tasks of the job?; 2) are you fully aware of your work duties? Some aspects of the job may require you to take up a leadership role while sometimes you need to take up a supportive role. Therefore, different communication styles are tailored accordingly. Even if you have not had much internship experience previously, you can still obtain valuable training when you join various workshops offered on campus and by playing different roles in group projects. Your experience can help you to develop strong interpersonal skills effectively for your future career as well. View more

Luo Yi

Class of 2016, MSc in Applied Economics

Just like many other students who studied Economics and/or Finance, I hoped to enter the financial industry in Hong Kong after graduation. As one of the biggest and most famous financial institutions in Hong Kong, Bank of China stood out as the top company I wanted to work for. It is crucial to understand the industry and company well in advance as well as the skills and knowledge needed for the position you are looking to apply for. In this way, you can adapt to the job market accordingly by obtaining the necessary qualifications and experience in advance. By doing this, we identify and differentiate ourselves from thousands of competitors. After all, we have to prepare ahead of time and present ourselves to potential employers in a professional way. View more

Kira Huang

Class of 2016, Master of Accountancy

RSM is one of my dream CPA firms. Working at RSM would significantly help prepare me for my future career. My current job position is a junior accountant in the auditing field. One of my required tasks is to send confirmation to the bank and compare the figures between the books and the confirmation received from banks to check for any potential discrepancies. I also assist senior auditors by preparing working papers for auditing and I help verify the account information from clients. To facilitate the completion of audit and assurance assignments, we are required to equip ourselves with professional knowledge and experience. Developing a positive attitude and being open-minded is essential for fresh graduates in their professional development and in getting along with colleagues at the firm. View more

Sam Li

Class of 2016, BBA in Marketing

I took an internship in Global Sources and later became a permanent staff. Currently I work as a Marketing Executive and I am now focusing on a corporate strategic level project that is an e-commerce conference at our trade show. For project-oriented jobs, I always need to handle multiple tasks. Thus, cross checking your work is highly necessary for fresh graduates because what you do not only reflects your ability but also represents the company. View more

Alison Zhao

Class of 2016, BCom in Accountancy

I chose to launch my career in Wells Fargo because its Management Associate Program offers a great platform to rotate across various businesses, and to gain experience from a bird’s-eye view. I am having my first rotation in Risk, Planning and Control and will start my second rotation on the trading floor soon. I believe having a good attitude is the most valuable quality at work. Employers also look for candidates who are proactive and willing to learn new things. My advice for fresh business graduates is to be true to yourself and never pretend to be someone else in the interview. Take it easy! View more

Derek Wong

Class of 2015, BBA in Human Resources Management

DHL is a world-leading logistics company with a good brand image. Its employees stand a good chance of experiencing different job rotations and expanding their network. It will be a great starting point to build up my career, and that is why I have joined DHL. Currently, I am working for Apple operations as a team leader for packing and dispatch team. I have been rotated for different operations like Adidas and Lego. As a Management Trainee, we need to be a fast learner and eager to accept challenges. If we are not passionate about our job with a can-do attitude, we could not survive and build up a successful career. More than that, Right First Time mindset is also an important competency for climbing up the corporate ladder in DHL. I would like to advise the business students who would like to step into the Logistics world to be proactive at learning and working. Do not focus on the salary only. "Experience and build your own brand name!” View more

Jeffery Kwok

Class of 2015, BBA in Human Resources Management

I am now working as the line HR Assistant Officer at PwC Tax. My role is to be the bridge between the business and the human capital team. This role primarily involves translating business needs into actionable items and working together with various teams to achieve our goals. I am currently supporting various HR functions at PwC including performance management, recruitment, and people engagement. This role has allowed me to have a taste of different HR functions as a fresh graduate. I believe that communication skills are very important to enter into the HR field. I would recommend graduating students to continue developing their language skills, especially in English and Mandarin, if thier target is to enter a multinational corporation. View more

Aaron Chung

Class of 2015, BCom in Marketing

I am currently the Business Development Manager of HeyHome, an organic health food distributor sourcing the best brands from all over the world. The reason I joined this company is because I am passionate about developing an innovative business, that apart from earning money, helps introduce a revolutionary food and lifestyle experience while also creating a more sustainable world for the next generation. Before deciding what kind of career path you want to pursue, it is worth spending time on understanding who you are and what makes you feel energized and alive. Do not be afraid of taking risks at the moment especially when you are young. You have nothing to lose at this early stage of your life-long career. View more

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