About the School

Academic Departments


Associate Professor, Department of Finance and Decision Sciences

Associate Director, MScBM; Associate Director, CCGFP

Research Interests

Equity Markets; Derivatives Markets and Financial Planning

  • Cheung, Y., Jiang, K., Mak, Billy S. C., & Tan, W. (2013). Corporate Social Performance, Firm Valuation and Industrial Difference: Evidence from Hong Kong. Journal of Business Ethics, 114(4), 625-631.
  • Mak, B. S. C., & Asta, N. M. S. (2005). Market Linakage for Dual-Listed Chinese Stocks. The Chinese Economy, 8(4), 72-83.
  • Cheung, L. T. W., Mak, B. S. C., & Chan, J. (2005). Strategic Share Allocation and Underpricing of IPOs. International Business Review, 14(1), 41-59.
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