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Associate Professor, Department of Finance and Decision Sciences

Director, Research Postgraduate Programme

Research Interests

Virtual Community and Social Media, IT-based Innovation Adoption and Post-Adoption, Electronic Commerce and Electronic Marketing

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  • Lee, M. K. O., Cheung, C. M. K., & Chen, Z. (2005). Acceptance of Internet-based Learning Medium: The Role of Extrinsic and Intrinsic Motivation. Information and Management, 42(8), 1095-1104.
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  • Lee, M. K. O., & Cheung, C. M. K. (2004). Internet Retailing Adoption by Small-to-Medium Sized Enterprises: A Multiple-Case Study. Information Systems Frontiers, 6(4), 385-397.
  • Cheung, C. M. K., & Lee, M. K. O. (2001). Trust in Internet Shopping: A Proposed Model and Measurement Instrument. Journal of Global Information Management, 9(3), 23-35.
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