About the School

Academic Departments

Prof. Gerard P.J. Prendergast 彭嘉諾 教授

Professor, Department of Marketing

Associate Dean (Internationalisation), School of Business; Director, IIBD; Associate Director, MSocSc in Media Management

Research Interests

Marketing Communication, Marketing Ethics

  • Prendergast, Gerard P., Paliwal, A., & Chan, K. (2018). Trust in online recommendations: An evolutionary psychology perspective. International Journal of Advertising, 37(2), 199-216.
  • Toscani, G., & Prendergast, Gerard P. (2018). Sponsees: the silent side of sponsorship research. Marketing Intelligence & Planning, 36(3), 396-408.
  • Toscani, G., & Prendergast, Gerard P. (in press). Arts Sponsorship Versus Sports Sponsorship: Which Is Better for Marketing Strategy?. Journal of Nonprofit & Public Sector Marketing.
  • Prendergast, G. P., & Tsang, A. S.L. (in press). Explaining Socially Responsible Consumption. Journal of Consumer Marketing.
  • Lai, S. C., & Prendergast, Gerard P. (in press). How men interpret women's luxury brand signals. Journal of Fashion Marketing and Management.
  • Prendergast, Gerard P., Paliwal, A., & Mazodier, M. (2016). The Hidden Factors Behind Sponsorship and Image Transfer. Journal of Advertising Research, 56(2), 132-135.
  • Prendergast, Gerard P., Hui, S., & Yip, P. (2016). Local Residents' Perceptions of an Influx of Tourists: A Hong Kong Case Study. Journal of International Consumer Marketing, 28(4), 283-293.
  • Chan, K., Prendergast, Gerard P., & Ng, Y. (2016). Using an expanded Theory of Planned Behavior to predict adolescents' intention to engage in healthy eating. Journal of International Consumer Marketing, 28(1), 16-27.
  • Thompson, Edmund R., & Prendergast, G. (2015). The influence of trait affect and the five-factor personality model on impulse buying. Personality and Individual Differences, 76(2), 216-221.
  • Prendergast, Gerard P., Ma, S., & Tsui, E. (2015). Surprisingly complex life: Sue Leung's story. Asia-Pacific Psychiatry, 7(2), 190-196.
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