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Academic Departments

Prof. Gerard P.J. Prendergast 彭嘉諾 教授

Professor, Department of Marketing

Associate Dean (Internationalisation), School of Business; Director, IIBD; Associate Director, MSocSc in Media Management

Research Interests

Marketing Communication, Marketing Ethics

  • Prendergast, Gerard P., & Lam, C. (2013). An evolutionary explanation for shopping behavior. Journal of Consumer Marketing, 30(4), 366-370.
  • Prendergast, Gerard P., & Chan, M. (2013). Donors' experience of sustained charitable giving: a phenomenological study. Journal of Consumer Marketing, 30(2), 130-139.
  • Prendergast, Gerard P., Wai, K., & Cheung, W. (2012). The hand the bill....or both? The role of credibility in handbill acceptance. Journal of Advertising Research, 52(1), 128-135.
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