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Professor, Department of Management

Associate Dean (Research & Postgraduate Studies), School of Business; Head, Department of Management; Programme Director, MBA and MScBM; Associate Director, CHRSD

Research Interests

Leadership, power, proactive and abnormal work behavior, employee well-being, cross-cultural psychology, and management issues in China

  • Lam, Catherine K., Huang, X., & Janssen, O. (2010). Contextualizing emotional exhaustion and positive emotional display: The signaling effect of supervisors' emotional exhaustion and service climate. Journal of Applied Psychology, 95(2), 368-376.
  • Lam, Catherine K., Huang, X., & Chiu, Warren C. K. (2010). Mind over body: The combined effect of objective body weight, perceived self body weight, and gender on illness-related absenteeism. Sex Roles, 63(3), 277-289.
  • Janssen, O., Lam, Catherine K., & Huang, X. (2010). Emotional exhaustion and job performance: The moderating roles of distributive justice and positive affect. Journal of Organizational Behavior, 31(6), 787-809.
  • Huang, X., Iun, J., Liu, A., & Gong, Y. (2010). Does participative leadership behavior enhance work performance by inducing empowerment or trust? The differential effects on subordinate managers and subordinate employees. Journal of Organizational Behavior, 31(1), 122-143.
  • Huang, X., Chan, Simon C. H., Lam, W., & Lam, X. (2010). The joint effect of leader-member exchange and emotional intelligence on burnout and work performance in call centers in China. International Journal of Human Resource Management, 21(7), 1124-1144.
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