School of Business Advisory Committee

The School of Business Advisory Committee is composed of external members who are prominent business leaders. They serve as a vital link between the School, the business sector and the community. In addition to assist the School on the design and content of its business education, the Advisory Committee is also instrumental in the development of a partnership network and experiential learning programmes for faculty and students.

External Members
  • Dr. William W C Leung, SBS, JP (Chairman)
    Chairman, Employees Retraining Board
  • Mr. Edmund W M Chan
    Practicing Director, Mazars CPA Ltd.
  • Mr. Alex H Y Chung
    Chief Executive Officer, Nexstgo Company Limited
  • Ms. Kathryn Dioth
    Chief Executive Officer, Hinrich Foundation
  • Prof. Susan Hart
    Dean of Business, Durham University Business School, UK
  • Mr. Adrian M K Li, JP
    Executive Director and Deputy Chief Executive, The Bank of East Asia Limited
  • Mr. Henry Ling
    Founding Director, LTA&Company, Singapore
  • Mr. Alister Musgrave
    Managing Director and Founder, MoneyHero
  • Mr. Sunny H K Wong
    Executive Director, Tibet Water Resources Limited
  • Dr. Kennedy Y H Wong, BBS, JP
    Managing Partner, Philip K H Wong, Kennedy Y H Wong & Co
  • Dr. David Y K Wong, GBS, BBS, JP
    Chairman, Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Authority