The School of Business comprises of five acadeimic departments offering all rounded business education to our undergraduate and postgraduate students. The departments are:

Department of Accountancy and Law
The Department of Accountancy and Law strives to provide a high-quality accounting and law education that integrates professional skills with the development of personal attributes necessary for the continuing growth and success of our graduates.

Department of Economics
Established in 1970, the Department offers both undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. The faculty members are known for conducting in-depth research in various economic fields, with many researching topics directly linked to China’s economic resurgence. 

Department of Finance and Decision Sciences
Teaching and academic staff of the Department are active in research and have published extensively in reputable academic journals. Research strengths include: corporate finance, corporate governance, financial derivatives, investment strategies, electronic commerce, social media, decision support systems, information systems ethics, and supply chain management.

Department of Management
Striving to provide high quality management courses, the Department put particular emphasis on innovative Human Resource Management Programmes, which are consistently recognised as the best in Hong Kong. Special emphasis also put on business ethics, social responsibility and “soft skills”. 

Department of Marketing
The Department of Marketing prepares our students to be future leaders in both local and global markets. Not only do we develop them to be competent in marketing management, but also, more importantly, to possess a strong sense of social responsibility and conduct marketing ethically.