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School Awards 2017-18 honour teaching and service excellence

27 Feb, 2018
The Annual School Awards of the HKBU School of Business recognise and value the importance of teaching and service excellence as multi-faceted activities. Five faculty members were honoured in the School Awards 2017-18 for their contributions in these areas.
Teaching Award
Dr. Lucia Fung, Lecturer I, Department of Management
By leveraging the advantages brought by technologies, Dr. Fung is dedicated to creating a dynamic, stimulating, non-judgmental learning environment to allow students to freely express their personal ideas and creativity. E-learning tools and gamification are the two major methods that Dr. Fung applies in her classes to promote student engagement, discussions and communications with students, as well as to create a stimulating and engaging learning environment to encourage interactions. Besides in-class activities, Dr. Fung devotes her time to stay connected with students via popular channels like Facebook for teaching and sharing outside the classroom. Dr. Fung is also committed to continuous professional development in teaching and learning and she is co-leading a UGC-funded project relevant to the field.

Prof. Gerard Prendergast, Professor, Department of Marketing
Central to Prof. Prendergast’s problem-based pedagogy is relevance, with learning outcomes that are relevant to the students and foster their employability, and relevant to the local and international community. Underpinning the relevance in his teaching are three core elements: social responsibility that ties in with the School’s theme of sustainability and the University’s graduate attribute relating to citizenship; learner-centeredness that requires students to take responsibility for why, what and how they learn; and integrative learning that enables students to transform what is taught to them in class into their own knowledge and skills. All of these ensure that students emerge from Professor Prendergast's courses not only knowledgeable, but with enduring and transferable skills to thrive in their future careers.    

Dr. Monique S.K. Wan, Associate Professor, Department of Economics
Dr. Wan’s teaching philosophy is to facilitate and empower students’ lifelong learning ability and attitude. With the teaching focus on econometrics which is often deemed difficult from students’ perspective, her approaches to sparking their enthusiasm for learning comprise the search for simplicity and essentiality in mathematics, real-life applications of estimations, statistics and models, and a self-discovery process of insufficient knowledge to stimulate their motivations to learn. Dr. Wan has been instrumental in developing new courses with an emphasis on introducing the basic knowledge and applications of big data analytics and sustainable development to prepare students for the ever-evolving business world. The two courses are “Big Data Analytics” and “Service-Learning for Sustainable Development”. 

Service Award
Dr. Raymond S. Y. Chan, Head & Associate Professor, Department of Accountancy & Law
Over the 20+ years of Dr. Chan’s service to the School, he has contributed extensively to not only the University, but also the professional community and the public at large. He has worn many hats of management roles at School, department and programme levels to be part of, or to oversee, a number of committees, task forces and undergraduate/postgraduate programmes. In his capacity as Programme Director of MBA and MSc in Business Management programmes, Dr. Chan led the team to prepare for the AMBA reaccreditation exercise which resulted in a successful reaccreditation period of five years. Currently, Dr. Chan serves as an Executive Council Member of The Hong Kong Independent Non-executive Director Association, among many other consultancy and advisory roles in the academic and professional communities.

Dr. Yu Ha Cheung, Associate Head & Senior Lecturer, Department of Management
Dr. Cheung contributes significantly to the development of overall human resources management education, from administration and promotion at School and University levels, to student admission and teaching at programme level, and research and being a speaker at the academic level and the public at large. She is currently the Programme Director of the Master of Human Resources Management programme. Dr. Cheung has also been actively involved in consultancy work and public service for the academic and professional communities. In addition to being a reviewer for a number of academic journals and conferences, she has been serving as a Technical Advisor of the Employee Retraining Board, and External Examiner of a number of local tertiary institutes for Business-related subjects.