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Entrepreneurship Seminar Series: An Entrepreneur’s Angel, Mr. Simon Wong

22 Oct, 2015
"How could an entrepreneur convince veteran investors and get money out of their pockets?" The School of Business invited Mr. Simon Wong Kwong-chi, one of the angel investors of Alibaba, to speak at our Entrepreneurship Seminar Series on 22 October.  Simon wrote the business plan of Alibaba, even when Ma was lacking funds to pay the business registration fee for its debut in the U.S.  Simon‘s story of uncovering Jack Ma had attracted over a hundred alumni and undergraduate students.

Simon knew Ma for over fifteen years.  While fund raising for Alibaba was never easy, Simon injected US$500,000 into  Ma’s embryo startup,  after listening to him for just 30 minutes.  During the growth of the company, they had been put under tremendous pressure by conditional clauses of investment banks commonly set out to generate return on investment, and it was a roller-coaster ride before Alibaba became what it is today.

What most investors fear is not making a loss, but missing the opportunity to make a big fortune and have regret.

Simon Wong

As an angel investor, Simon prefers to know  the founders in-depth, and unleash the full potential of his targets.  To raise funds for the unheard-of B2B portal, Simon travelled together with Ma widely in the U.S. and in major cities in China during the startup period.  Ma is a powerful persuader and a clear thinker which is essential in ruling today’s business empire. 

"To decide whether the business is worth to invest in relies on keen observation and long-term investment", he said. Looking back, when Ma first came to Wong, Ma did not look like a businessman, nor did he write a business proposal formal enough to present to the investment bankers.  However, Simon said "I was struck by his eloquence, he was simply convincing."  He believes that without a proven track record and clear direction, successful entrepreneurs should have the power to clearly share their vision, their dreams.  Offering words of advice for our entrepreneurs to be, Simon teased that “what most investors fear  is not making a loss, but missing the opportunity to make a big fortune and have regret!" 
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