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Students learn how to ace in Assessment Centres from human resources management professional

25 Oct, 2016
Ms. Sarah Leung, Director of Tim Robinson Limited, a recruitment and human resources consulting company that specialises in talent acquisition, talent development, and talent engagement, delivered an engaging three-hour workshop on how to ace assessment centres on 25 October.
Starting off, Ms. Leung introduced to students the concept and importance of assessment centres in the hiring practices of many of today’s major companies. An assessment centre, which is a process of objectively evaluating a candidate, uses a wide range of assessment tools to determine whether candidates are fit for a position. “85% of people determine if a candidate is suitable for a job in 5 minutes,” said Ms. Sarah Leung when addressing the importance of making good first impressions to stand out among the competition.
However, being invited into an assessment centre can be a challenging task in and of itself, and in order to increase one’s chances of being invited to an assessment centre, Ms. Leung suggested that students improve themselves in the areas of: resume-writing, network building, researching (the job, company, and industry), developing an asset portfolio, honing interview skills, and time management. Students were also introduced to some commonly used assessment tools, many of which include: aptitude tests, personality questionnaires, interviews, group discussions, and presentations/role plays.
Throughout the workshop, students also had the opportunity to actively participate in a number of activities with Ms. Leung consisting of a brief aptitude test, self-introduction, one-on-one interview, and a group discussion. Through each activity, student participants personally experienced and developed an idea of what being in an actual assessment centre is like.
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