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“New Era of the Baptist’s Dreams” – China MBA Alumni Gathering

21 Mar, 2015
The HKBU MBA (China) Alumni Association hosted a gathering last Saturday (21 Mar 2015) at the Guangzhou Jiangwan Hotel. With the theme “New Era of the Baptist’s Dreams”, the gathering attracted over 200 alumni, students and teaching faculty. Prof. Frank Fu, Associate Vice-President of the Hong Kong Baptist University, Prof. Allan Chan, Interim Dean of Business as well as Dr. Melanie Lee, Director of the Alumni Affairs Office, officiated the event.

Addressing at the event opening, Prof. Fu said, “I am delighted to see the event is surrounded by distinguished alumni and students coming from different regions. Tonight’s theme is “New Era of the Baptist’s Dreams”. It is our dream to see all of you with great success in your career and contribute yourself to the society. Our dream already comes true.” He added, “We will celebrate the university’s 60th anniversary next year and a series of celebrating activities is underway. I hope that you all will join the activities and give your tremendous support to your alma mater.”

Alumnus Shao Jianming (MBA 2001) was invited to share his experience on the transformation of the business retail industry via the e-Commerce strategy. Alumnus Shao is currently the Managing Director of the Highsun Group. As one of the three business property listed companies in mainland China, the Highsun Group’s core business includes the development and management of business property, real estates, hotels and bio-chemical areas. In facing the external economic challenges, alumnus Shao believed that it was important for the conventional business property to keep abreast of the new technology and be innovative. He shared the innovative tips with the participants, “during the innovation process, we should be aware of the three main features of innovation: difference, scarcity and uniqueness, which are the keys for success.” He also shared his successful experience in applying the new e-Commerce strategy to its U-City Shopping Mall, and utilization of big data, which brought new experience to its customers and tenants and boosted up the sales volume in return.

During the occasion, President of the MBA (China) Alumni Association, alumnus Zhao Yong Shuang, also introduced his new cabinet members and the upcoming activities plan to the participants. Performances and lucky draw were arranged and which made the gathering fill with friendship and fun.