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Grooming School of Business students to succeed in job interviews

27 Jan, 2016
img After the coldest and grayest weekend ever, beauty care giant L’Oréal brought us some color at a grooming workshop organized by our Career Services Section on 27 January 2016.  The workshop was a blend of job interview skills, skin care and make up techniques, helping students to have job interviews with confidence.

During the two-hour workshop, two human resources specialists from L’Oréal introduced a full package of tips on how to succeed in the competitive job market.  “From a creative digital resume to a well-managed social media platform; from interview etiquette to a professional outlook.  Everything needs to be perfect in order to stand out from the crowds of job seekers,” said June of L’Oréal.  “It is also very important that you have a CV which makes you special.”  June shared with us a real life case about how a L’Oréal management trainee impressed them by a sophisticated and colourful resume, which helped her enter the beauty industry to become a digital marketer.

In order to show the participants how to act properly in a job interview, the A-team from the School of Business performed a short role play illustrating three typical performances during job interviews.  “Over-confidence or anxiety could not get you anywhere.  Proper manner and asking a reasonable number of questions was the key to success,” concluded A-team member Garry.
The workshop reached its climax when two make-up artists demonstrated their trendy make-up skills to the girls, while boys were taught how to handle skin care.  The 60 participants interacted with the make-up artists to practice the skills learnt. “We came here to be beautiful!  Everyone wants to be beautiful!” said Sarah, our second-year business student, who was so excited after trying out different products.
This was the first beauty workshop that the Career Services Section has organized, but is expected to be the start of many.  Stay tuned. 
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