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PhD student Ning Feng receives an Honourable Mention at The Third Young Scholars’ Conference

15 Dec, 2015
The research paper titled “Forecasting macro-economic variables in a small open economy: a comparison between structural and non-structural methods” written by Mr Ning Feng, a PhD student of School of Business, had been mentioned at The Third Young Scholars’ Conference on China Studies, which was held on 14 and 15 December 2015 at Hong Kong Baptist University.
Mr Ning Feng compared seven structural and non-structural models in their application to economic theories and used them for testing the forecasting ability of different models. He tested the models with the aid of 86 variables against data of Hong Kong, which covered gross domestic product, employment data, consumer price index, housing prices and inflation. He concluded that data-driven models performed better than traditional structural models like the small economy DSGE model. The research findings will be contributing to future professional research aiming to forecast macro-economic factors, most commonly conducted by financial institutions. The results are particularly suitable for large-scale research analyzing over 1,000 variables that require a high degree of accuracy.
Ning Feng thanked his co-author, Dr. Eric Ng Chi-yung for his dedication and guidance on model building and data analysis. The young scholar from Shandong, China, is restless in his endeavours to carry on research studies in the Asian economies.
The Third Young Scholars’ Conference on China Studies was part of the Global Perspectives on China Studies conference series. The conference aimed at offering an opportunity for postgraduate students and young faculty members to build up a professional network to better facilitate their research development. Over 60 young scholars and researchers pushed new frontiers in China studies from a global perspective. A total of 23 panels were held, covering a wide range of themes touching on diplomacy, international relations and prospects and challenges faced by the Chinese economy.
The organizers of the Conference were the China Studies Programme, Institute of Creativity and Advanced Institute for Contemporary China Studies of Hong Kong Baptist University. Co-organized with Tsinghua University, the conference marked a long-term collaboration between Tsinghua University and HKBU. It gave young scholars from both universities an opportunity to advance their research techniques and academic network.