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Lifehack founder shares life hacks in entrepreneurship

31 Oct, 2017
Mr. Leon Ho, founder and CEO of Lifehack, shared with HKBU students what makes him a successful blogger-turned-entrepreneur, and how to create content that caught the eyes of Washington Post and TIME magazine. The seminar was held on campus as part of the Entrepreneurial Seminar Series (ESS).
Launched in 2005 with a simple goal to make life easier and happier, Lifehack has become one of the top productivity blogs today with over 12 million monthly readers, 1 million social followers and 400 professional experts covering a variety of lifestyle topics. Once a computer science student at Queensland University of Technology in Australia, Leon unleashed his entrepreneurial spirit as early as in his college days. “I focused more on my own projects rather than school work,” Leon recalled, “I was so fascinated by the Internet and wanted to be an entrepreneur by leveraging the scalable convenience brought by the Internet.”
It was during the explosion of the “dotcom bubble” period when Leon graduated from university. He did not start a business right away, but joined Red Hat, Inc. as a software engineer. Soon he was promoted to be the youngest manager in the company, leading a team of international engineers that had to endure long working hours due to different time zones. This pushed him to read books about productivity, in the hope of learning how to work smarter – achieve more with less time. To his surprise, when he applied the tricks learnt from the books, they worked well. This inspired him to create a blog to share with a wider audience the feasible hacks he experimented. Lifehack was hence established, and became an instant hit because the audience loved authentic content and hands-on advice.  
As an outstanding entrepreneur, Leon suggested to students “not to measure success by a dollar sign, but whether you are having a fulfilling life, and think about how you can serve your communities or even the world and be successful by doing your parts well.” He also encouraged students to find their passion fast and pursue it, because at the end of the day, passion is the primary thing that can keep a person motivated through the ups and downs they encounter during the entrepreneurial journey.