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Winners of the 3rd HKBU SBAA Simulated Investment Competition are praised for considering macroeconomic factors

19 Jan, 2016
img Winners of 2015/16 HKBUSBAA Simulated Investment Competition were recognised and rewarded for their time spent on simulated trading and investment report writing.

The Simulated Investment Competition was hosted by School of Business Alumni Association (HKBUSBAA) and came to an end with a certificate presentation ceremony held on 19 January 2016 at Interactive Brokers (IB) office. The two winners impressed the judges by their trading strategy, four weeks of trading records and comprehensive investment reports.

During the one-month competition starting from October 2015, more than 200 students from HKBU and United International College (“UIC”) signed up and participated by operating the trading platform provided by IB.  Students were given one million US dollars paper cash and a simulated trading account.  They could trade global financial products, such as equities, options, futures, warrants, financial operating plans, contracts for difference, commodities, forex pairs, etc. with the aid of real time data.  At the end of this trading period, students submitted a report to the panel of judges including Dr. Alex Fung, IB Sales Manager Wang Wei-jian, alumna Ms. Miller Wang, Mr. Ben Bei, Mr. Leo Zhu and SBAA President Mr. Franklin Fong.

This year’s Champion, Miss Gong Shi-yun from our Master of Science in Applied Economics, traded forex pairs predominately and achieved an impressive return of over 10%.  She analyzed the market conditions after considering macroeconomic factors, for example, central bank policies.  Her investment strategy was conservative but progressive, breaking the initial capital into smaller amounts and responding to market fluctuations with caution.

Mr James Wang Ming-zan, the first runner-up, is a year-three student in Financial Journalism from the School of Communication.  His keen observation of hot political topics taking place during the course of the competition helped him to excel.  Described as a bold trader, James held an investment portfolio comprising options, equities, and warrants. He achieved around 3% return over the one-month period. Although the absolute return was lower, he was able to demonstrate to judges his thoughts and learning curve in the report.

When commenting on the overall performance of the winners, Dr. Alex Fung said, “given their young age, they had already mastered basic technical analytical skills.  They had also demonstrated their global vision of financial markets worldwide.”
The certificate presentation ceremony was officiated by HKBUSBAA president Mr. Franklin Fong and Interactive Brokers’ Managing Director for Asia Pacific, Mr. David Friedland.  One attractive prize of the competition came in the form of an internship, which both winners will embark on later this year.  They were also invited to join the Competition Winners Club, where they can mix with past winners and judges.
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