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Research Postgraduate Alumni Sharing Session

17 Mar, 2015
The Research Postgraduate Alumni Sharing Session was held on 17th March 2015. Dr. Frank CAI, Assistant Professor of Management at the Shanghai University (2014 PhD in Management), and Dr. James SHI, Head of Department of Management at Macau University of Science and Technology (2005 PhD in Marketing), were invited to share with research postgraduate students their valuable experience on how to prepare for their job hunting and obtain an Assistant Professorship successfully.

Frank got his Assistant Professorship 3 months after graduating with his PhD in the School of Business in HKBU. Speaking of the tips of success, he said that attending more conferences to keep track of the current development of the field and to gain inspiration for future research topic was important. He also reminded his younger brothers and sisters in PhD Programme that most universities required job applicants to deliver trial lectures to demonstrate their teaching skills. Knowing how to deliver interesting and fruitful lectures was definitely an advantage.

Apart from teaching, research was important to a tertiary education institution, James shared. “Most of the intuitions are looking for famous scholar-to-be,” said James. Listing out the research projects with famous scholars in the curriculum vitae and be prepared for all kind of questions was the path to success.

Dr. Henry Fock, Research Postgraduate Programme Director, shared his secret tips to conclude the sharing session. “Study interviewers’ research papers and discuss with them during the interview. It helps a lot.”

More than half of the School’s PhD students have attended the Alumni Sharing Session and they all found the tips provided are useful and participating in this event is fruitful.
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