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Veteran banker illustrates how the changing industry landscape affects banking career

17 Nov, 2015
The School of Business invited our alumnus Dr. Victor Ng, Senior Vice President of China Construction Bank (Asia) Corporation Ltd, to share tips on landing a career in the banking industry on 17 November 2015.

Dr. Ng has over 30 years of experience in the local commercial and retail banking sector. Previously with the Bank of America (Asia), Dr. Ng shared with our students the evolution of the banking industry in Hong Kong. He gave an interesting overview of major events and developments of the industry since 1997, highlighting industry-landscape changing events with far-fetching impacts, such as the Asian financial crisis in 1997 and the financial tsunami triggered by the collapse of Lehman Brothers Inc. in 2008. Dr. Ng further elaborated the changing role of the banks during these historical events. In the past two decades, retail banks have been evolving from traditional lenders to aggressive sellers in mutual funds and insurance products. Nowadays, the role of banks has shifted further to financial intermediaries, selling structured products in order to sustain its profitability.

Dr. Ng told students who wish to start a career in the banking industry of the importance of having a full picture of their target banks. Most banking institutions require applicants to have a basic understanding of their businesses, which include identifying the market, branding strategy and market segments of the potential employers. He encouraged the students to sustain a lifelong learning quest, like he has. He also stressed the importance of extra-curriculum activities and serving the School and community, which can help expand social networks and sharpen interpersonal skills that are essential in today’s workplace.

Alumnus Mr. Stephen Yung, currently Manager and Treasury Portfolio Consultant, Wealth Management of Citibank Hong Kong, also shared his experience on how to enter the industry. He motivated students to pursue professional designations so as to increase their chances of landing an interview.

The event was co-organised by School of Business Career Services Section and School of Business Alumni Association.
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