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Alumni Talk on Stress and Diet

21 Jan, 2015
Coping with stress is an essential topic for everyone, especially so for business professionals. On 21 January 2015, HKBU MBA Alumni Association organised the first seminar of the “You Are What You Eat” Seminar Series to explore the relationship between stress and diet. Veteran dietician Mr. Bong Li and Dr. Kilpatrick Chan from Surgery of Caritas Medical Centre were invited to talk about how to boost resistance to stress through a healthy diet.

According to Mr. Li, the pituitary gland, adrenal glands and cortisol govern our response to stress. Daily activities, such as caffeine intake, watching a horror movie or even catching a bus, often stimulate nerve cell activities. As a result, heavy demand of the adrenal gland may lead to its fatigue and loss of function of our stress management. 

Li highlighted the importance of breakfast in our daily meals. He suggested eating more high fiber foods to attenuate shooting up of blood glucose level, as well as absorbing vitamin B to improve adrenal function. Other tips include: replacing grains with high fiber whole grains, ordering vegetables as appetizers in a buffet dinner and keeping pineapples away from salt in order to preserve the active enzymes. 

“I know it’s hard for university students to lead a regular living style,” Li said. “But do try to go to bed earlier for one or two nights in a week. You will see how effective it is in rejuvenating your body. If you have trouble sleeping at night, just soak your feet in warm water.”
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