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Legendary gamer shares experience on transforming an interest into a profitable business

14 Nov, 2017
Mr. Derek Cheung, founder and CEO of Hong Kong Esports Limited (HKES), shared with HKBU students how he created his own business and what challenges he came across along his way of running HKES.
As a fast emerging industry in Hong Kong, electronic sports (e-sports) has aroused the interest of many investors, and has become a billion-dollar industry across the globe. To pursue his passion in games and driving the development of e-sports industry in Hong Kong, Derek gave up inheriting his family business and started HKES in 2013 with a capital of HK$1 million by inviting well-known game players from Taiwan to join his company.
As the first mover in Hong Kong, Derek’s attributes success to learning from the big CEOs, “I always go on to different platforms to listen to the big CEOs talking about what they are doing, what works and what does not, and what their insights towards certain topics are, and then think about what I can still do in Hong Kong and South East Asia.”
Today, with professional game players from mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and Korea joining forces, the company has become one of the top companies in Asia focusing on creating contents and events related to e-sports, interacting over five million Asian gamers across its content and platforms every month.
A legendary game player himself, Derek holds a number of first place records in a variety of games. This considerable success mostly results from his ambitious personality as well as his insights into data. “Don’t believe what you think is right, believe in data,” suggested Derek.
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