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School of Business alumnus awarded Honorary University Fellowship at HKBU Convocation

05 Sep, 2017
A new cohort of freshmen was welcomed at the HKBU 62nd Convocation today. On this special occasion, Honorary University Fellowships were conferred on nine distinguished individuals who have made significant achievements and contributions to society. Mr. Alfred Tang Kwai-chang, alumnus and friend to the School of Business, was among one of them.

A certified public accountant for over 30 years, Mr. Tang has made an illustrious contribution to the accounting profession in Hong Kong, China and beyond since his graduation from Hong Kong Baptist College in 1976.  He is currently Independent Non-executive Director of five Hong Kong-listed and private companies, spanning real restate, banking, manufacturing and resources in Greater China and Asia Pacific regions. Beyond his contribution to his profession, Mr. Tang has devoted his unwavering support to fostering the development of young people, including being a member of the School of Business Advisory Committee.

Mr. Tang offered three pieces of advice to inspire new students on their future. His first advice is “be a good listener”. Throughout his career, Mr. Tang has had to listen to many clients and solve their problems. In doing so, he learnt a lot about business and strategies. Listening, according to Mr. Tang, is essential for learning.

His second piece of advice is “never close doors”. He advises young people that “don’t be afraid to take risks and pursue your dreams. But also don’t be afraid to turn back. Maintain good relationships always, and never close doors. When Mr. Tang resigned from Deloitte, Mr. Tang’s boss said, “Alfred, if one day you want to come back, you would be welcomed”. Eventually he did re-join the same company. The lesson learnt here is that one should not be overly concerned with losing face, do not be too proud. Sometimes one would only come to appreciate what he has if he tries something different.

The third piece of advice from Mr. Tang is the importance of being proactive. In his many years as a risk management partner, he listened to fellow partners and clients with problems. However, often by the time a client presented a problem, it was too late to fix it. He advises youngsters to be proactive, to try to pick up weak signals so as to detect early signs of a problem, before it becomes a problem too big to solve.
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