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Alumni share investment experience with competition participants

14 Mar, 2015
On 16th March, a trading sharing session was held under the HKBU SBAA Simulated Investment Competition. Three alumni were invited to share their investment experiences with the competition participants. 

This year, the Competition is jointly organized by the HKBU School of Business Alumni Association and Interactive Brokers LLC (IB). The organizer Jacky Xu, HKBU alumnus currently working in IB, said, “With access to the simulated accounts of IB trading platform, participating students have the valuable opportunity to get a grasp on different investment tools with real-time trading data for various products and markets.” 

Leo Zhu, who graduated from the Department of Finance and Decision Sciences in 2004, introduced the “Back-door Listing Model” as a method to identify profitable stocks. According to Leo, back-door listing generates a strong buy signal, especially during bear market. Leo also predicted that there would be a huge demand for stock analysts in Hong Kong in the near future, creating a vast number of career opportunities for university graduates majoring in finance-related disciplines. 

Gilbert Leung, Vice President, Equity, Solutions & Trading Group of the Deutsche Asset & Wealth Management, believed that students should accumulate investment experience from diverse aspects of life rather than simply relying on financial models. “I was never a good student,” Gilbert said, “But I attended many different kinds of seminars while in university, which taught me things that I could never have learnt in class.” Gilbert encouraged students to take a more comprehensive investment perspective, and to look at investment products other than stocks such as futures and options.

In the last part of the session, William Cai, one of the winners of last year’s Competition, talked about his trading experiences. He recalled, “During the first two weeks of the competition, I almost lost all of my money. Then I changed my investment portfolio by buying in more options. At the end of the third week, I started to make a profit.” Having won a 40% return in the competition and submitted a clear/intuitive investment report, William got an interview opportunity in Morgan Stanley and landed an internship there. 

Many participants stayed behind after the sharing session to network with the speakers. Dr. Alex Fung of the Department of Finance and Decision Sciences also joined the sharing and recalled many fond episodes with the alumni when they were studying at the School. As said by one of the students, Hans, the sharing session gave him motivation to stay in the competition.