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Exchange students win first runner-up in charity sedan chair race

27 Nov, 2016
A team of exchange students won the first runner-up prize in a charity sedan chair race hosted by Diamond Cab, supporting social integration and enhanced understanding of the physically disadvantaged population in Hong Kong.
Inspired by the Founding CEO of Diamond Cab, Doris Leung, during a guest lecture of the Social Entrepreneurship Course, Joshua Claassens decided to walk the walk by forming a team of eight to run the “Diamond Sedan Competition 2016” race and hitting the fundraising goal within a tight timeline.
“I have always wanted to run my own business, that’s why I took the Social Entrepreneurship course taught by Professor Siu Wai Sum. Through this course I have been exposed to a couple of new and important concepts such as business ethics and citizenship which have redefined what makes a great company in my mind and how I would shape my business in the future,” said Joshua.
The Diamond Sedan Competition was launched in 2012 by Diamond Cab, a social venture providing point-to-point barrier-free taxi service to wheelchair users. 
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