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Professional accountants share their path of transformation

26 Jan, 2016
img To prepare students for entering the accounting profession, representatives from Ernst & Young were invited to share the latest industry trends and give personal tips in navigating in the industry on 26 January 2016.
Miss Jovy Wong, Associate Director of Talent Recruitment Team, pointed out two key drivers of the rapidly changing accountancy world - globalization and the use of information technology.  The global economies were getting more and more inter-connected.  Regulatory requirements and compliance for financial disclosure were advancing at an extremely fast pace.  “Accounting is not an old fashioned industry.  Instead, it demands a high level of innovation.  The industry reinvents itself from time to time, for example, we use a lot of big data analysis.  People who succeed in the industry must be prepared for new challenges,” said Jovy.
Jovy also pinpointed a major characteristic that accounting professionals should possess - cultural competency.  Operating in a globalized context, accounting firms not only expand their business through overseas subsidiaries, but also deal with multinational clients most of the time.  It is of utmost importance that accounting professionals show respect to co-workers from diverse cultures.  
The event was well received by 25 students from both undergraduate and postgraduate courses.  The event was organised by the Career Services Section of our School.
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