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07 May, 2015
In the evening of 7 May 2015, Mr. Martin Wong, Director of Citigroup, and Mr. Alan Chan, Sales President of Quam Securities, shared their personal insights into banking sector and talked about the key to keep in step with ever-changing business environment at the “Talk Show on Banking”.

Organised by HKBU MSc in Applied Accounting and Finance Alumni Association, MBA & MScBM alumni and the School of Business, the event aimed at bringing the latest business updates and trends to students and alumni through dialogue with senior practitioners from the industry.

The industry is constantly evolving. At the talk show, two guest speakers gave a glimpse into some of the city’s major recent developments: the launch of Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect, suspension of the Capital Investment Entrant Scheme, rising demand for insurance products, etc. And, these trends have also impacted the job market and the expectations of professionals. Against this backdrop, both speakers highlighted the readiness to respond to changing markets and business climate in order to thrive in the industry. 

As for the career advice for aspiring students or young alumni grappling with everyday challenges in workplace, Mr. Martin Wong referred to Simon Sinek’s TED talk titled “How great leaders inspire action” to inspire audience to embrace changes and to go beyond the questions of “what” and “how” to “why”. He also pointed out that “network” is an asset not to be underestimated, adding that it is something that can be built over time, especially with today’s social media tools. 

The other speaker - Mr. Alan Chan – offered a different piece of advice: for him, the key to career success is to “do the real work”. Drawing on his own experience in mentoring junior colleagues for the company he works in, he remarked that, “You have to have a clear purpose, if you would like to stay in the field.” 
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