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HR consultant urges students to map out career path early

20 Sep, 2016
Around 50 motivated students attended the seminar “Develop Your Career Plan Strategically – How? Why? When?” organised by the Career Services Section of the School on 20 September. Ms. Sarah Leung, Director of Tim Robinson Limited, shared insights and tips of developing a promising career plan.
“Career planning is not an option,” said Ms. Leung. “It should be a deliberate process.” She cited real-life cases in which individuals were in the midst of career dilemma to demonstrate the importance of career planning.
Ms. Leung pointed out that there are two main steps in career planning: understanding yourself and knowing the labour market. One has to become aware of one’s own areas of interest, strengths and weaknesses in order to find the appropriate career direction. She also introduced a few popular personal assessment tools in the job market to help the participants better understand their own personality.
Urging students to explore career options widely so as to develop a clear career goal, Ms. Leung encouraged the students to create a career and competency development plan, in order to turn dreams into reality. “It could start with something simple, like posting your CV on an online platform,” she said. “The key is that you have to take action early.”
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