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Ztore co-founder tells the story of e-commerce revolution

02 Feb, 2018
Mr. Danny Shum, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Ztore, shared with HKBU students his entrepreneurial passion and journey, and his vision in promoting local brands and changing consumer behaviours in Hong Kong. The seminar was hosted on 30 January to kick off the Entrepreneurship Seminar Series (ESS) of the year 2018.

Established in 2015, Ztore is a Hong Kong-based online supermarket with a focus on selected quality groceries and home essentials of local brands. With over 6,000 types of grocery items and a monthly sales revenue of over HK$10 million, it has not only changed the consumer behaviour of grocery shopping in Hong Kong, but also provided a new platform for small local brands to communicate their stories, sell their products and sustain their businesses.

Danny, an award-winning IT veteran and entrepreneur, shared the five key elements of building a successful business: partnership, passion, persistence, concentration and communication. “You can’t do everything on your own, so you have to make sure you choose the right partners with different characters from yours while sharing a sense of common purpose, and you can work together with your own strengths on different aspects. You need to have a fierce passion for the business you are doing so you can be persistent even in hard times. You have to be exceptionally focused on your business so you won’t be disturbed or distracted by anything that gets in your way to success. Last but not least, you have to communicate well with your end users and your team. Never work behind the doors but go into the market and test out your ideas so you can know what works and what does not.”

Organised by the HKBU School of Business’ Entrepreneurship and Innovation Centre (EIC), the Entrepreneurship Seminar Series invites successful entrepreneurs and scholars in the field from around the globe to speak and inspire on HKBU campus.