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The 4th International Corporate Governance Conference brings renowned academics on campus

12 Dec, 2017
The Centre for Corporate Governance & Financial Policy at the School of Business organised its 4th International Corporate Governance Conference on 11-12 Dec 2017. The themes of this interdisciplinary conference were sustainability, corporate governance, corporate social responsibility, and corruption. The aim was to bring on campus renowned colleagues with a long track record of publications in top-tier journals in the fields of Accounting, Finance, Economics, Management and Marketing so that they can interact with HKBU colleagues.

The event was kicked off by Professor Ed Snape, Dean of the School of Business welcoming all the overseas guests and audiences. Dr. Christos Cabolis, Chief Economist at the IMD World Competitiveness Center gave an open talk in the first session on IMD’s World Talent Ranking results. Other overseas participants of the conference were Renee Adams (University of New South Wales), Sumit Agarwal (Georgetown University), Hun Tong Tan (Nanyang Business School), Pedro Matos (University of Virginia), who were joined by Kim Sau Chung, Shirley Zou, Zhenbin Liu, and Aris Stouraitis from HKBU, in presenting their latest research findings. 
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