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HKBU HRMers Forum on Artificial Intelligence and HRM - A Signature Event Celebrating the Fraternity of HKBU HRM Alumni

CHRSD organises and holds a public forum every year, as one of our core activities promoting knowledge discovery, knowledge sharing, and knowledge transfer in the human resource management field (HRM). Prime audiences are local HRM professionals and business executives. As HKBU has been known to be a leader in HRM education in Hong Kong since the 1990’s, many of the graduates occupy senior executive positions today. This year, CHRSD wishes to organise a special event to promote the best HRM practices among our HRM graduates and to value the legacy of HKBU HRM tradition. This half day event covers the interface of artificial intelligence and the state-of-the-art HR practices and its impact on business.

10 March, 2018 (Saturday)
2:00pm - 5:30pm
AAB 201 and BURC Entrance Plaza, HKBU
Centre for Human Resources Strategy and Development
Target Audience
HRM professionals & business executives, HRM graduates