Learning at The School of Business

The 21st century calls for a new type of global citizens, able to effortlessly apply a wide range of skills in ethical manners while also taking into account the impact of decisions and actions on the wellbeing of others and on the environment.

Consistent with these challenges HKBU has adapted the principle of “whole person education” as its underlying educational philosophy. The implementation of this principle requires an approach that supports a student’s ability to go beyond academic excellence. Classroom-based learning is supported by practical internship, service learning, international exchange and skills-development workshop. 
By using “Outcomes-Based Teaching & Learning”, or OBTL, as our pedagogical approach, we aim at imparting our students with a specific set of skills and attributes that will accompany our graduates throughout their lives. The recent development to incorporate General Education (GE) as part of the business school curriculum further ensures that our students extend the reach of their knowledge by following courses specifically tailored to incorporate elements of various academic disciplines. These GE courses are crafted carefully, and subject to stringent quality requirements to ensure that the learning standards remain constant throughout the curriculum.