Research Priorities

Research is as important as teaching for the School, and our five departments focus their research efforts on a number of key areas:

Department of Economics

The School has adapted sustainability as its overall theme, which runs through the School's programmes and much of its research.

Consistent with this theme, we were the first business school in Hong Kong to join the United Nations Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME). These principles articulate a vision that places business ethics at the center of business education, an approach in harmony with our whole-person business education philosophy.

Business ethics, corporate social responsibility and corporate governance now define what we term Corporate Sustainability, the subject of a 2009 project we launched with support from the University Strategic Development Fund (“SDF”).

The Corporate Sustainability SDF Project provided the impetus for several faculty members to incorporate corporate sustainability in their research portfolio. The project also features seminars, workshops, competitions, exhibitions and other events that raise awareness among students, academia and the public.

The School initiated and hosts the World Business Ethics Forum, an international academic conference that serves as a platform for scholars to interact with the business community to jointly develop new ideas and approaches related to corporate sustainability.