Chinese Businesses Case Centre

About CBCC

About CBCC

Chinese Businesses Case Centre is an academic support unit affiliated with School of Business of Hong Kong Baptist University. Established in 2008, the Centre seeks to promote the use of the case method as an important pedagogical method for teaching business. The CBCC also develops proprietary cases, resulting from research focused primarily on Chinese businesses located in Greater China, but also businesses established by overseas Chinese in countries such as the US and Canada.

Prof. Cheng Siwei, former Vice-Chairman of the Standing Committee of the National Peoples Congress of People's Republic of China, officiated at the inauguration ceremony of the Centre.
(From left: Prof. Shi Yi-zheng, Prof. Simon Ho, Mr. Wilfred Wong, Prof. Cheng Siwei, President Ng Ching Fai and Prof. Allan Chan)
Mission and objectives
The mission of the Centre is to address the growing demand for quality case research and case teaching materials focusing on the practices and strategies of Chinese businesses. Specific objectives include:
  1. To promote case teaching method;
  2. To develop quality case teaching materials of Chinese companies, and their business practices and strategies;
  3. To promote and enhance quality case research and publications.
The case method is an increasingly recognised teaching method employed by leading business schools worldwide. By using cases based on actual situations as experienced by businesses, past and present, students learn to apply their skills and knowledge to address the challenges faced by real businesses.

The interaction with students working on the same case simulates the dynamics of real life, where managers must make crucial decisions under intense time pressure, limited information and uncertainty. It is by inspiring students to refine their decision-making ability to solve problems, and to demonstrate the leadership necessary to convince and communicate with diverse groups of stakeholders, that the case method is such a powerful teaching method.

Applying the case method on Chinese businesses 
Given the rise in usage of the case method as well as the emergence of China as the focal point of businesses worldwide, there is an increasing need for an education experience that encompasses China’s business environment. Despite this obvious need, most cases developed by universities tend to focus on western companies, and there is a dearth of cases and research addressing the distinctive challenges faced by businesses in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. It is in this context that the School of Business established CBCC.

In addition to businesses in Greater China, CBCC also conducts research and analysis of cases relating to PRC multinational corporations and overseas Chinese businesses, which confront a different set of challenges that go beyond reconciling China’s economic reforms with the demands of the global economy.

Besides, CBCC regularly runs case teaching and writing workshops, and hosts case competitions for student teams representing universities from various parts of the globe. Throughout the year, CBCC also organises a range of seminars and symposiums on relevant and current topics.