Master of Accountancy


Enrichment Activities

Professional Talks

A number of professional talks were organized by inviting some experienced guest speakers to enhance student learning experience every year.  They included the following topics:
1)      China Tax and Business Advisory Seminar (Nov 2012, Nov 2013 & Nov 2014)
2)      Professional Talks by ICAC / ICAC workshop on ethical decision making (Jun 2014, Oct 2014)
3)      Professional Talk “Accounting in China” (Jun 2014)
4)      Professional Talk “Path to success in Accounting Industry Career” (Jun 2013)
5)      Foundation Talk on Law (Sep 2012)

Executive Development Seminars

Prominent business leaders, remarkable scholars and outstanding alumni are invited to share their practical and valuable experiences with the students under our Executive Development Seminar Series and Entrepreneurship Seminar Series. The seminar topics cover the economic, corporate governance, industry challenges or management skills both locally and globally. For seminar details, please visit here .

Career Event and Workshops

Throughout the academic year, career-related workshops are scheduled to address the career development challenges and the job search needs of the students. Business Skills Enhancement and Career Training Programme, Career Starting and Career Development Series, Toastmasters Club and Gateway to Big 4 are specially designed to hone students’ career skills.

A. Business Skill Enhancement and Career Training Programme
In order to enhance the business skills (such as communication & presentation skills and business etiquette) as well as the job hunting and job interview skills of the full-time students enrolled in master’s programmes of the School of Business, a series of workshops called “Business Skill Enhancement and Career Training Programme” were organised for the full-time master’s business students.

In Academic Year 2013-14, a total of two seminars and nine workshops were conducted by external trainers.  These activities were planned and organised by the IED & IIBD staff team.  The workshops covered topics on interview skills, professional image, business etiquette and effective communications, and provided students with essential skills and knowledge in the job market and business world. Through this series of workshops, students are expected to have a more concrete understanding in career planning and better performance in interviews as well as on business occasions.

B. Career Starting &Career Development Series by IIBD
The “Career Starting and Career Development Series” is a continuation and development of what was known as “Business Skill Enhancement and Career Training Programme” started in the academic year 2013-14. This series is organized specially for full-time students of the School’s various taught masters programmes, majority of whom are fresh graduates from mainland China with no work experience. The purpose of the series as the title suggests is to help students be better prepared to look for jobs and start their career. 
Activities organized include career talks, understanding career-personality fit, understanding Hong Kong immigration policies on employment and stay of non-Hong Kong residents. There are also workshops that address job-hunting skills such as CV-writing, job interviews etc. Students are given ample opportunities to practice the new skills learnt and one-on-one coaching is provided where possible. Also included are topics related to work skills such as giving workplace presentations, writing English correspondences.  These activities are planned and organized by the Career Services & Event Management Support Team of the School.

C. Toastmasters Club
Toastmasters International is a worldwide non-profit-making educational organisation founded in 1924 dedicated to improving its members' communication and leadership skills.  Members comprise of people from all walks of life who include business people, professionals and students.   There are currently more than 292,000 members in 14,350-plus clubs, having meetings in approximately 122 countries around the world.

HKBU School of Business is proud to launch a Toastmasters Club to develop skills amongst students in the area of public speaking and utilize their business knowledge.   The main objective is to increase students’ confidence in public speaking so that their ability to express their ideas effectively can prepare them to become professionals in the corporate world.  We believe that mastering public speaking is also an essential step in creating leaders in today’s society.
D. Gateway To Big 4
2014 Gateway to Big 4, a long-awaited seminar and one to one mock interview were jointly organised by the School of Business and HKBU School of Business Alumni Association (HKBUSBAA) in Sep and Oct 2014. These aims to provide our students with an overall know-how of the application process of Big 4 firms, successful tips from alumni who successfully received offers from Big 4 firms, sharing of alumni from various area s of the Big 4 firms including assurance, tax and advisory
In close collaborations with various alumni associations, a wide array of activities are organized to equip students with the practical knowledge, skills and connections required by the real-world business for building successful careers.

Career Planning and Preparation

Good career planning and preparation is important.  A typical recruitment cycle can start as early as September for accounting industries. Hence, you are recommended to start your job planning and preparation as early as possible.
A. Recruitment talks
A wide range of recruitment events are held on campus to enable you to familiarize yourself with the procedures in job applications, recruitment processes, company profiles and job information.  The talks are held between September to November and February to March every year. More details on the recruitment talks are available on the webpage of 
Career Centre via
B. Job Search Skills workshop
To facilitate your career planning and equip you with the necessary job search skills, a series of business skill enhancement and career training workshops are organized by the Career Centre of HKBU as well as the IIBD of School of Business. The workshops include presentation skills, CV writing and interview skills, professional image and business etiquette, time management and etc.  Registration details will be disseminated to you regularly.
C. Career Advice and Counselling Service
To assist you in planning for your future career and give you a deeper understanding of yourself, the Career Centre of HKBU provides individual career counselling and advising services for students, you can make appointment with the Career Centre via
D. Mainland Student Services

The Counselling and Development Centre of Student Affair Office provide mentoring and guidance, orientation and training, social networking support to mainland. Mainland students are encouraged to participate in variety of activities, workshops and seminars to develop a healthy life in Hong Kong.