Beyond the bottom line - what can strategic hr offer

“First we need to understand, then we need to learn, and finally we have to love it.” Ms Pearl Chan, VP of Group Human Resources of HKT Limited, shared with us the passion that necessary for a successful strategic HR business partner, at the MSc in Strategic HRM programme Alumni Sharing Seminar on 1st April, 2016. Ms Chan was graduated in the class of 2015.

Strategic HR business partners (SHRBP) help corporations sustain competitive advantage in a constantly changing business environment. Ms. Chan shared with us her experience and challenges on being a SHRBP and how SHRBP enabled business executives to leverage technology to drive communication, reduce work process cycle time, and streamline decision-making, resulting in enhancing employee growth and optimizing employee performance at work.

The mind-set of the SHRBP must be in line with the goals of the business in order to contribute truly to the business performance. Understanding the organisation’s culture, the expectations of the key stakeholders and communicating with line managers are vital to policy development and implementation.

“Attending board meetings and meetings with the heads of different units are my daily work activities which help me better understand the barriers and challenges they face,” said Ms. Chan. Through interacting with their business executives, her HR team can provide tailor-made HR services and advice to meet specific needs.

Ms. Chan also emphasizes the importance of 3Ps (passion, preparation and practice) and 3Qs (IQ, EQ, and SQ). “Be self-initiative (修身), create HR team effectiveness (齊家), enable the business leaders to lead and manage the change/transformation (治國), and sustain the business growth (平天下)”, to summarise her core values as an effective SHRBP.