Building Professional Brand: Strategies for Success in Career


Your personal image represents a professional image in the workplace. It affects your career and success, personal and public life because people tend to judge on how you look, how you dress, and how you carry yourself.
This is the advice offered by Ms. May Chan, General Manager of Spark image Consultancy Company, to the participants at the MSc in Strategic HRM programme Alumni Sharing Seminar on 27 March 2015. Ms Chan was graduated in the class of 2008.
Personal image is all about A, B, C. ‘A’ stands for Appearance, ‘B’ stands for Behavior, and ‘C’ stands for Communication. “As a business professional, your image represents the brand of your company.  You have to respect your job, ” according Ms. Chan.
Research showed that 93% of the first impression is based on image and appearance. Ms. Chan shared her first impression story which changed her from a HR professional to an image consultant. The Chair of the Association of Image Consultants International invited her to act as a spokesperson of the Hong Kong chapter after a brief encounter with her at the conference. “The opportunity will not be there if I am not in the appropriate attire for the event.”
Ms. Chan provided us some rules governing how to dress and tips on mixing and matching colors. For males, with a 3-button suit, always fasten the middle button, and never fasten the bottom button. The colors of tie should either match the shirt or suit color. For females, creating a slimmer look means wearing soft textured dress featuring a high waist line or a V-neck.
Ms. Chan also emphasized the importance of learning and practicing proper business etiquette.  “Be real, be considerate and be professional,” Ms. Chan said in summarising her core values as an image consultant.