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Result Announcement – Lucky Draw for Completing the Survey by 5 May, 2017

09 May, 2017
img Survey on HR current and future developmental needs

coffee coupon valued HK$25 is available for each of the following respondents (the last four digit of your mobile no.):
XXXX0976 XXXX8275 XXXX2172 XXXX3367
XXXX3619 XXXX7512 XXXX0099 XXXX0907
XXXX6401 XXXX7080 XXXX4981 XXXX9198
XXXX0850 XXXX1920 XXXX6137 XXXX9265
XXXX1823 XXXX8146 XXXX9165 XXXX3288
XXXX5188 XXXX2863 XXXX2789 XXXX8765
XXXX8359 XXXX4097 XXXX3278 XXXX4134
XXXX3011 XXXX7550 XXXX1278 XXXX2789
XXXX8153 XXXX9948 XXXX2385 XXXX2296
XXXX4898 XXXX5178 XXXX8517 XXXX1914
XXXX3047 XXXX7330 XXXX9507 XXXX1933
XXXX7087 XXXX2923 XXXX7171  
Email notification is sent to the above respondents on 9 May, 2017.