Enrichment Activities

Apart from the curriculum, a series of student support service is tailor-made to enrich students’ learning experiences as well as assist in their career development.

  • Executive Development Seminars
  • Career Events and Workshops
  • Study Tour / Corporate Visit
  • Alumni Networking

Executive Development Seminars

Prominent business leaders, remarkable scholars and outstanding alumni are invited to share their practical and valuable experiences with the students under our Executive Development Seminar Series and Entrepreneurship Seminar Series. The seminar topics cover the economic, corporate governance, industry challenges or management skills both locally and globally.

Career Events and Workshops

Throughout the academic year, career-related workshops are scheduled to address the career development challenges and the job search needs of the students. Business Skills Enhancement and Career Training Programme, Career Starting and Career Development Series, English Enhancement Programme and Toastmasters Club are specially designed to hone students’ career skills.

Study Tour / Corporate Visit

Study tour and corporate visits are organised regularly for students to foster a closer link with the business communities.

Study Tour / Corporate Visit Schedule
Attended the Forum of Corporate Governance for Listed Companies 2014 organized by the China Enterprise Reputation and Credibility Association (Overseas) 16 May 2014
Firm Visit: PricewaterhouseCoopers Limited 10 October 2013
Firm Visit: Cathay Pacific City 28 June 2013
Firm Visit: Hong Kong Economic Times Holdings Limited 23 Novermber 2012
Firm Visit: Lee Kum Kee International Holdings Limited 28 October 2011

Alumni Networking

In close collaborations with various alumni associations, a wide array of activities are organised to equip students with the practical knowledge, skills and connections required by the real-world business for building successful careers.

Annual Event Schedule
Since the inception of Hong Kong Corporate Governance Excellence Awards in 2007, MScCGD senior students and alumni had been invited by the Centre for Corporate Governance and Financial Policy, School of Business, HKBU to form the Expert Review Group to critically assess the performance of each award entrant in each year's preliminary round competition. Since October 2007