Learning Goals


Students will demonstrate an understanding of entrepreneurship theory, tools and business models by applying them to propose integrative solutions to business problems.


Students will demonstrate an understanding of the marketing knowledge required by conducting marketing activities in a global context.


Students will apply analytical, critical and creative thinking for managing change and creating new businesses.


Students will demonstrate teamwork and oral and written communication skills in managing innovation and solving business problems.


Programme Structure

The programme has 33 Hong Kong Baptist University units of taught courses. The business project (or academic dissertation) accounts for 9 Hong Kong Baptist University units. Requirements of the programme are as follows:


Semester 1

(Starts in September)

Grenoble Ecole de Management (18 units)

Startup Creation Process and Entrepreneurial Ecosystem
3 units

Entrepreneurship and Business Opportunities
3 units

New Venture Business Planning, Small and Family Business
3 units

Accounting and Finance for Entrepreneurs
3 units

Strategic Management
1.5 units

Marketing Planning
1.5 units

Advanced Effective Sales Negotiation & Intercultural Communication
1.5 units

Accommodation in Grenoble

Semester 2

(Starts in the following January)

Hong Kong Baptist University (15 units)

Corporate Entrepreneurship and Business Development
3 units

Leadership & Team Building for Entrepreneurs
3 units

Digital Marketing Strategy
3 units

Socially Responsible Entrepreneurship in an International Context
3 units

Global Marketing
3 units

Accommodation in Grenoble


Business Project (or Academic Dissertation)
9 units


Total Units

42 units

Study Mode 15-month full-time taught postgraduate programme, semester 1 in France and semester 2 in Hong Kong.

Medium of Instruction English is the official medium of instruction.

Graduation The Master of Science in Entrepreneurship and Global Marketing degree will be granted to students who have completed and passed all the 12 required core courses and the Business Project with a total of 42 Hong Kong Baptist University units (90 ECTS credits), and having met the requirements of both Hong Kong Baptist University (including a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5) and Grenoble École de Management in their respective semesters.