The programme is designed for students who seek graduate education to advance into managerial and leadership roles or to start an entrepreneurial career.

In addition to starting a new business, the MSc in Entrepreneurship and Global Marketing also aims to prepare students for careers as Project Managers, Business Developers, R&D Managers, and any managers operating in e-business and high-tech industries.

Opportunity to work in Hong Kong


Employment opportunities in Hong Kong for Non-local Graduates of MScEGM Programme (IANG Scheme)

According to the HK immigration guidelines (Immigration Arrangement for Non-local Graduates “IANG”), non-local graduates of the programme may apply to stay and work in Hong Kong for 12 months after obtaining bachelor/master qualified degree.

Immigration Arrangement for Non-local Graduates (IANG)

Non-local graduates who apply for IANG within six months after the date of graduation (i.e. the date of graduation shown on the school letter) are classified as fresh graduates.  Fresh graduates may apply to stay and work in Hong Kong without having secured an offer of employment upon application.

Further details about IANG, please refer the Non-local Higher and Professional Education (Regulation) Ordinance (Cap. 493) which can be found at the Hong Kong Immigration Department: http://www.immd.gov.hk/eng/services/visas/IANG.html

HK Immigration department provides FAQ information under their official website.  For details, please visit the following: http://www.immd.gov.hk/eng/faq/imm-policy-study.html