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School of Business E-Resume Book Class of 2022

Disclaimer : The Career Services Section, HKBU School of Business proudly presents the E-Resume Book Class of 2022 which features the profiles of some final-year undergraduates and full-time postgraduates.

This E-Resume Book is intended for the sole purpose of direct recruitment for paid and full-time career opportunities requiring at least a bachelor’s degree. Any other unrelated purposes (such as referrals for friends, marketing or candidate sourcing by third party recruitment agencies) are not allowed.

The profiles contained in this E-Resume Book consist of confidential information. They are provided by students in good faith and updated as of February 2022. However , we make no representation or warranty of the accuracy or completeness of any of the information. Additionally, the access to students’ LinkedIn profiles may be blocked in some locations.

Any unauthorised use, dissemination, re-distribution, or duplication of this E-Resume Book is strictly prohibited.