Strategic Plan

Overall Positioning

To be a business school recognised internationally for its liberal arts and whole person education, and its niche programmes and research fields.

Research Excellence

To be a centre of excellence for business research in selected strategic areas.

Student Experience

To be a School known for its dedication to students’ personal and career development, and its whole person education of well-rounded business graduates, nurturing students’ integrity, creativity, communication skills, employability, and commitment to the common good of humankind.

Engagement with Business and Society

To contribute to business practice, public policy and the wider society in Hong Kong, Mainland China, and globally, and to leverage on such linkages in the development of the School’s teaching and research.


To further internationalise the School, its faculty and students, programmes and curriculum, and research, and to build on and develop the School’s international partnerships.

Resource Planning and Capacity Building

To effectively allocate resources to meet the School’s strategic and operational goals.