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Associate Professor, Department of Accountancy and Law

Head, Department of Accountancy and Law

Research Interests

Bank loan contracting, Financial reporting quality, Corporate governance, Auditing

  • Hsieh, T., Song, Byron Y., Wang, Ray R., & Wang, X. (2019). Management earnings forecasts and bank loan contracting. Journal of Business Finance and Accounting, 46(5-6), 712-738.
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  • Kim, J., Song, B. Y., & Zhang, Y. (2015). Earnings performance of major customers and bank loan contracting with suppliers. Journal of Banking and Finance, 59, 384-398.
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  • Kim, J., Song, B., & Zhang, L. (2011). Internal Control Weakness and Bank Loan Contracting: Evidence from SOX Section 404 Disclosures. Accounting Review, 86(4), 1157-1188.
  • Kim, J., & Song, B. (2011). Auditor Quality and Loan Syndicate Structure. Auditing: A Journal of Practice & Theory, 30(4), 71-99.
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