Faculty Members

Dr. Chang Song
Dr. CHANG, Song
Head & Associate Professor, Department of Management, Marketing and Infomration Systems (MMIS)
Management Discipline
Prof. SNAPE, Ed
Prof. SNAPE, Ed
Chair Professor
Dean, School of Business
Prof. Huang Xu
Prof. HUANG, Xu
Chair Professor
Associate Dean (Research & Impact)
Director, DBA, MBA and Master of Science in Business Management
Coordinator, BBA (Hons) Strategic Retail Management & Innovation Concentration
Director, Centre for Human Resources Strategy and Development
Dr. Amy Y.Y. Chen
Dr. CHEN, Amy YY
Associate Professor
Coordinator, BBA (Hons) Human Resources Management Concentration
Dr. Emily G. Huang
Dr. HUANG, Emily G
Associate Professor
Director, Master of Human Resources Management
Dr. Erica Xu
Dr. XU, Erica H
Associate Professor
Dr. Jamie Y.H. Cheung
Dr. CHEUNG, Jamie YH
Senior Lecturer
Associate Head (Teaching)
Director, Master of Science in Strategic Human Resources Management
Associate Director (Research), Centre for Human Resources Strategy and Development
Dr. Marta K. Dowejko
Dr. DOWEJKO, Marta K
Senior Lecturer
Director, Entrepreneurship and Innovation Centre
Coordinator, BBA (Hons) Entrepreneurship Concentration/ Entrepreneurship & Business Innovation Concentration
Dr. Lucia P.S. Fung
Dr. FUNG, Lucia PS
Senior Lecturer
Associate Director, BBA (Hons)
Dr. Brandon Hoi Man Ng
Dr. NG, Brandon HM
Senior Lecturer
Associate Director, Master of Science in Business Management
Director, Executive Education
Dr. Alicia S.M. Leung
Dr. LEUNG, Alicia
Teaching Consultant
Dr. Felix W.K. Yip
Dr. YIP, Felix
Teaching Consultant
Associate Director (Consultancy Service), Centre for Human Resources Strategy and Development
Marketing Discipline
Prof. Kimmy W. Chan
Prof. CHAN, Kimmy W
Director, Research Postgraduate Programme
Prof. Gerard P.J. Prendergast
Gerard P
Associate Dean (Internationalisation)
Director, Wing Lung Bank International Institute for Business Development
Associate Director, Master of Social Sciences in Media Management (BUS and COMM)
Dr. Candy K.Y. Ho
Dr. HO, Candy KY
Associate Professor
Dr. Alex S.L. Tsang
Dr. TSANG, Alex SL
Associate Professor
Director, Master of Science in Global Marketing Management
Dr. Danny Wang
Dr. WANG, Danny T
Associate Professor
Associate Head (Research)
Dr. Junfeng Zhang
Dr. ZHANG, Junfeng
Associate Professor
Director, Master of Science in Marketing for the Creative Economy (MMIS and AVA)
Dr. Clara C. K. Kan
Dr. KAN, Clara CK
Senior Lecturer
Director, Master of Science in Entrepreneurship and Global Marketing
Coordinator, BBA (Hons) Marketing Concentration
Dr. Connie Li
Dr. LI, Connie
Senior Lecturer
Director, BCom (Hons) in Marketing
Dr. H.Y. Kwan
Dr. KWAN, Ho Yan
Lecturer I
Associate Director, BCom (Hons) in Marketing
Information Systems Discipline
Prof. Viswanath Venkatesh
Prof. VENKATESH, Viswanath
Chair Professor
Prof. Christy M.K. Cheung
Prof. CHEUNG, Christy MK
Director, Research Office
Dr. Ludwig M.K. Chang
Dr. CHANG, Ludwig MK
Assistant Professor
Associate Director, BBA (Hons)
Dr. Tony C.K. Wong
Dr. WONG, Tony CK
Senior Lecturer
BBA (Hons) Information Systems and Business Intelligence (ISBI) Concentration
BBA (Hons) Information Systems and e-Business Management (ISEM) Concentration