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The Department of Marketing is excited to announce our new partnership with Nurturing Social Minds (NSM) Programme ( in September 2018. With the approval of the Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development (SIE) Fund, the Bachelor of Commerce (Hons) in Marketing programme formally became a partner with NSM and is responsible for offering three credit-bearing courses at HKBU, namely Social Venture Planning, Fundamentals of Social Entrepreneurship and Social Impact, and Marketing Practicum for Social Entrepreneurship. With the objective of providing a hands-on action learning experience in social entrepreneurship and venture philanthropy, NSM is widely recognized as one of the most prestigious social entrepreneurship training programmes in Hong Kong.

The NSM programme at HKBU consists of three levels:

1. An introductory course, Social Venture Planning, offers students the opportunity to develop their own social business proposals that address a particular social problem.

2. An interdisciplinary course, Fundamentals of Social Entrepreneurship and Social Impact (alternative title: Social Enterprise Management and Social Impact Strategies), enables students from different disciplines to work in teams to provide marketing knowledge and support for Social Venture Partners. Students develop a Social Enterprise Proposal that seeks to address the key issues facing their Social Venture Partners and to help scale up operations with evolving marketing strategies. The student teams will then deliver a pitch on behalf of their Social Venture Partner for HK$250,000 in grant funding from the Yeh Family Philanthropy.

3. Finally, an experiential-learning course, Marketing Practicum for Social Entrepreneurship, offers students the knowledge to “walk the talk” by completing a 120-hour internship with their Social Venture Partner, with the objective to scale up the social venture’s business.

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Our Social Venture Partners are:
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