• Academic Services

    The University’s academic information is centralised within the Academic Registry, which manages all information pertaining to admissions, academic quality assurance, scheduling and student records.
    BUniport is another information gateway providing secured, online access to all information relating to the University’s general services.
    Students can also benefit from eLearning, a unique information ecosystem that seeks to enhance the University’s learning experience through interactive technology.
  • Student Exchange Programmes

    The desire to broaden students’ perspectives is part of the ethos of HKBU Business School, as we seek to educate the business leaders of tomorrow.
    We have thus built a strong programme of exchanges and partnerships with an extensive network of leading educational institutions across the world.
    Through the University’s International Office, both undergraduates and postgraduates are given full support to explore the wide array of exchange opportunities available to them.
  • Student Services

    The Office of Students Affairs (“OSA”) is the main repository of resources and information pertaining to life on campus.
    The OSA assists students with their job search through the Career Centre, and runs the Counselling & Development Centre to help students grappling with personal issues.
    Students also enjoy unfettered access to both the University’s sporting facilities as well as the amenities of the Joint Sports Centre.