[BB31] Be Your Own Boss

Be Your Own Boss
the Entrepreneurship Seminar Series

In October and November 2014, the School of Business organised two seminars of the Entrepreneurship Seminar Series (ESS), inviting Dr. Raymond Choy, founder and CEO of Toy2R, and Mr. Shih Wing-ching, founder of Centaline Property Agency Limited and am730, to share their entrepreneurial experiences.
From being a toy shop owner to selling and exhibiting his own creation in a backpack-tour all over the world, Dr. Choy moved from simple toy manufacturing business to a complex licensing business model, building a brand that has collaborated with many famous brands in the world. With his strong passion in toys, Dr. Choy serves as a special role model for our young entrepreneurs-to-be, and he hopes that one day he can build a toy brand that is comparable to Walt Disney. 
The entrepreneurship experience of Mr. Shih Wing-Ching needs no further introduction. With a sense of humour, Mr. Shih recounted his first desire to start his own business in the 70s. What motivated him to make that decision was the feeling against non-proportional salary return at his workplace at the time. Today, Centaline, the company he founded, is sharing one third of its profit with employees on a quarterly basis. Mr. Shih strongly believed that his “profit-sharing” management concept can be well applied to today’s society to solve social and economic problems.
Following the success of these two seminars, the School of Business has got more ESS seminars planned for the upcoming semester. Stay tuned.