Glos Ho Outstanding Performance

Outstanding School of Business staff recognised for their excellence
On 2 February 2016, the School of Business was pleased to present awards to faculty members in recognition of their outstanding performance in 2015

Teaching Award
Dr. Glos Ho, Department of Marketing.  Dr. Ho’s teaching pedagogy has been highly appreciated by her students over the years. Comments by her students showed that her interactive teaching style has been well received with polis
hed public speaking skills.  With her well-designed class activities, Dr. Ho has effectively engaged her students.  She has successfully developed “Sports Marketing” for the Department and “Seminar in Contemporary Marketing Issues”.  
Winner of both President’s Award and School Award for Outstanding Performance
Dr. Glos Ho was also awarded HKBU President’s Award for Outstanding Performance 2015-16.  In recognition of her contribution in teaching, Dr. Ho shared her secret of success: to give her students freedom.  In her day to day classes, Dr. Ho always set the framework and guide the students towards the learning outcome, and let them lose from there.  While she was their teacher, she was also a student in her own class.  In a random class of her own, her students came up with a discussion in analysing “what is learning?”, which Dr. Ho later framed it as EMR³ (Engagement, Meaningful, Real-world, Relevance and Relatedness).  It caught on so much, that Dr. Ho applied this approach in her later classes since then.  “In the ever evolving world of digital marketing, it was important to keep an open mind”, said Dr. Ho. 
In another instance, Dr. Ho instructed her students to take on “mission impossible” in one of her course assignments: to grind results in a social media campaign that the students had no prior experience.  During the project she refrained herself from giving any guidance but only encouragement, and made the students sweat it out.  In the end, the students created a social media campaign producing 12 micro movies to promote animal adoption.  Eventually, one of the projects was so well received in the Hong Kong Community that it recorded a viewership of 48,000 in just a month.   What mattered the most was the way her students undergone transformation, and needless to say, she developed a truly rewarding relationship with them in the process.