Honorary Professorship - Mr. James Tsien

HKBU confers School of Business Honorary Professorship on Mr. James Tsien

School of Business of Hong Kong Baptist University conferred on Mr.
James Tsien an Honorary Professorship on 6 October.

In his welcome remarks, Professor Roland Chin, President and Vice-Chancellor of HKBU said that “business schools worldwide are facing a highly competitive environment. To scale new heights, maintaining a good “ecosystem” is essential for HKBU to recruit the best students. Having the support of well-connected industry veterans, like newly conferred Professor Tsien, could surely help structure this ecosystem.” 

After the conferment, 
Mr. Tsien shared with attendants how he gauged Hong Kong’s competitiveness. Having a profound knowledge in the logistics industry, he cited the case of the local container ports to illustrate key factors conducive to Hong Kong’s infrastructural development. As one of our economic pillars, container trade is facing the same problems now that Hong Kong is facing: land shortage and rising labour costs.

Mr. Tsien reviewed key milestones in the history of the local container ports. Despite the fact that the industry has taken off from the 1960s onwards, capitalising on the low tariff and low tax regime, the upward trend of its throughput level could not be sustained after 2004. We are under tremendous pressure exerted by competitors in the region, like Singapore and other mainland cities, including Shanghai, Shenzhen, Foshan and Ningbo, who are all fast learners.

Mr. Tsien pointed out that to stay competitive in the region and maintain our global ranking, our container trade really needs more land to facilitate transhipment and local cargo handling. He suggested that the Government can consider giving incentives, in the form of land subsidies and tax credits, to container port operators. To propel the growth of related industries, the Government can also sponsor research and development in the universities.

Professor Ed Snape, Dean of School of Business, introduced
Mr. Tsien and thanked him for his deep and enduring commitment to the School, saying that he had fully exemplified whole-person education. Professor Snape commended
Mr. Tsien for his global vision, setting an outstanding model for our recent graduates.